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Rental management

By entrusting us the management of your property, we ensure you a smooth relationship with your tenants, syndic and neighbors.

Managing a property is most of all making sure the owner optimizes and his return and make it last in time.

“L’Agence” commits itself to carry out all of its tasks and missions given in a perfect transparency.

    * Relationships with the tenant
    * Promoting the property
    * Relations with the syndic, building
    * Fast and efficient collection

Our Services

We look after all types of properties, apartments, villas, businesses, garages. We ensure empty or furnished rentals.

    * Checking compulsory real estate diagnostics and advice on enhancing your property
    * Search and rigorous selection of the tenant
    * Writing of the contract and of the inventory
    * Handling of the payments
    * Monthly management reports
    * Management of all damages and accidents
    * Payments of the building monthly charges
    * All declarations to the French tax offices
    * Help with the property tax declarations

After having rigorously selected your tenant, we will send you a monthly report mentioning possible costs linked to the property (building charges, small repairs, insurance…) and of the cashed-in amounts. A monthly transfer will be made to you. You are warned of all new tenants coming in.

We process all contracts renewals with your agreement, carry out the yearly rental price revision, verify all the home insurance payments, as well as the compulsory maintenance contracts like the gas boiler.

We will send you at the end of the year a complete report and can assist you in writing up your property tax declaration.

Real Estate in all safety

L’Agence suggests and recommands you to contract an insurance unpaid rent/loyers impayés and property damages/deteriorations immobilieres with the company SAA (Suffren Assurances Associes).

  * 1) Unpaid rent and Property Damage insurance

    o No waiting period
    o Without any amount limit
    o No excess charge
    o Refunds from the 4th month from the first day of the first unpaid term
    o Unlimited compensation
    o Taking care of the legal procedure’s fees (without limit if the file is handed to a lawyer of the company)

  * 2) Property Damages

    o In the limit of 7625€ per accident
    o Excess charge of 382€
    o Financial losses in the limit of a month’s rent


Our pricing including all our services cited above is of 5.85% before VAT of the rents, insurances unpaid rents and Damages on top of 2.90%.

More than a help, a true assistance

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